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                           Riad Dar Fatna Guest House                                                   

Riad Dar Fatna Guest House, is between the IMINIFRI CAVES, and OUZOUD FALLS, near to AIT BOUGAMEZ valleys. This Riad is planted in areas which the passage of the Dinosaurs knew, whose their traces and impressed legs are to date.

Riad Dar Fatna is in an archaeological zone, in full chains of the ATLAS between Marrakech and Fès.

Riad Dar Fatna combines a whole of hotel services and restoration.


Phone: 00 212(0) 667 02 84 15

Adress:  2,5 Km to Foum Jemaa towards Tanate and Ouzoud Falls, AZILAL.

E-mail : contact@riaddarfatna.com or info@riaddarfatna.com



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